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Pricing rules are as follows :

1. You will not be charged for the hyper time it takes us to get to your entity to be moved.

2. Once we arrive in system (of entity to be moved) you will be charged 200k.
3. You will be charged 175 k for each day in hyper.

4. You will be charged 200k for drop off in destination system.
5 The fastest ship that your entity will fit in will be used for delivery. If we have to squad with your entity a hyper 6 or faster ship will be used.

(Note : JTC pilots will not board another's ship for loading or transport if their scan shows someone on board who is not supposed to be there.)

If you have bought one of our products and want it delivered Make over will happen once delivery is complete.
PM Zachariah Jacobson

Who is the most influential Faction in the SWCombine
Tresario Star Kingdom 1

Zann Consortium 2

Black Sun 0

Galactic Empire 3

New Republic 2

The Kingdom of Elysia 0

The Krath Dynasty 0

Eidola Pirates 0

The Black Hand 0

The Death Watch 0

Apex Productions 3

Dread 0

Alissma 0

Mecrosa Trading Company 0

Aeyris 0

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