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New Rules and Regulations for Apex Productions
Kam Spider 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 24th Feb 2017
Absence without approved leave (AWOL)
Any Person who: 
- Does not arrive at a destination when ordered
- Fails to notify their commander of their leave
- Fails to communicate with a commander
- Leaves his post without organizing replacement
Minimum Punishment - Warning
Maximum Punishment - Demotion

Harassment of a Superior Officer
Any Person who engages in intentional conduct without due cause which the actor has reason to know would cause a superior officer, public official, Senator, Supreme Military Commander or the Head of State to feel threatened, oppressed, persecuted, or intimidated
Minimum Punishment - Demotion
Maximum Punishment - 1 week imprisonment

Failure to follow orders (Insubordination)
Any person, who fails to follow lawful orders given to them by a
person who is in authority.
Minimum Punishment - Demotion
Maximum Punishment - 2 Weeks Imprisonment

Aiding the Enemy
Any person who is found to be aiding the enemy via the transfer of credits, ships, raw materials or
any other goods.
Minimum Punishment - Death Penalty
Maximum Punishment - N/A

Any serving citizen, while in service to Apex Productions, leaves or resigns without authorization. By resigning without authorization, the law is in reference to not informing your faction leader at least one day prior to the resignation
Minimum Punishment - Banishment
Maximum Punishment - Death Penalty

Failing to present themselves when summoned
Any person, who is summoned to the court of law by an official, and fails to show up on time or at
Minimum Punishment - Removal From Apex Productions
Maximum Punishment - Banishment

Assaulting a superior officer
Any person, who unlawfully assaults or attempts to arrest a superior officer without authorization.
Minimum Punishment - Removal From Apex Productions
Maximum Punishment -Banishment

Rules and Regulations are a work in progress

Thanks and have a great day!

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