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Lesson #9 Hyperspace
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18th Jan 2017

Before entering Hyper you need to know how to find locations in the vast galaxy we are in, ETAs, and how the coordinates are done. The best way to learn and understand this is by using the Nav Comp.

Please look at the Nav Comp. It's located on the right side menu by first clicking the "wrench" icon for the Technical Menu. Follow the list down to "In Character" You'll find the link in that section.

All those pretty colored dots you see are systems in the galaxy. You will notice that when hovering your mouse pointer over the different ones it shows coordinates and the name.

Pay close attention to the coordinates whenever you are setting up your trip. Some have a " - " in them. This is part of the coordinates. Should you not put that in for locations that need will find yourself a very long ways from your destination.....The opposite side of the galaxy to be exact.

The Nav Computer Map is broken up into 4 sections according to the coordinates.

Everything on the left side of the Nav Comp Map is in the " - " (Negative) numbers for the "X" coordinates. Everything on the right side is in the positive numbers for the "X" coordinates.

Everything on the upper half is in the positive number for the "Y" coordinate. Everything on the lower half are in the negative " - " numbers for "Y" coordinate.

At the top of the Nav Comp you will see a place to input your Piloting Skill as well as your ships Hyper speed. Your travel time is dependent on both these numbers. If you have a Fighter/Freighter Piloting Skill of 1 it will take you longer to reach your destination than one that has a 4 for that piloting skill.

Find your current location on the Nav Comp and click on it. You can either find your destination location on the map by looking around the Nav Comp Map and clicking it or input them manually.

To input the coordinates to your destination manually click on the "?" under the skill and speed area at the top. Click on that and you will see an area to input coordinates. Once you input your coordinates you need to click on "GET" to see your ETA.

You will see that a line is drawn from your current location to your destination.

Click the "ETA" to get a time frame for your traveling.

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