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Lesson #8 Ship Squading
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18th Jan 2017

Ship squading is the new replacement for NPC Piloting, the old way of mass moving ships around the galaxy. Now, you can group multiple and different types of ships together, and you no longer need to have the same types of ships to move together.
Ship squading works similarly to how squading NPC's work, whereas each NPC takes up 1 squad slot size, and you have a total of 12 squad slots. With ships, they take up their own amount of squad slots, with respect to the different classes of ships.
Fighter Class ships take up 1 squad slot.
Gunboat Class ships can take up 1 to 4 squad slots depending on the ship.
Light Freighter Class ships take up 3 to 4 squad slots depending on the ship.
Heavy Freighter Class ships can take up 3 to 12 squad slots depending on the ship.
Corvette Class ships can take up 4 to 12 squad slots depending on the ship.
Frigate Class ships take up all 12 squad slots, or are unable to be squaded with other ships.
Capital Class ships take up all 12 squad slots, or are unable to be squaded with other ships.

Not only do the ships you want to squad with take up your squad slots, but also the ship you are flying. For instance, you are flying your Delta-7 and want to squad with your YT-2000. Your YT-2000 takes up 4 squad slots, but your Delta also takes an additional 4 slots, even though you are flying it. Put simply, you have only 4 squad slots left. You can still pair with another ship that has 4 slots or less. Another example, a BFF-1 Bulk Freighter takes up 6 slots. I can squad another BFF-1 to move and haul more RMs for movement or building. All 12 slots are taken up, and you cannot squad with any more.

How fast you are able to fly your ship through both sublight and hyper travel is also affected if you have various ships squaded with you. Here's a scenario; you want to move your Delta-7 from Forscan, Auril Sector, to Ku'Bakai, Calaron Sector. You fly your YT-2000 with a hyperspace speed of 7 to pick up your Delta, and it takes you just over 1 Day and 5 Hours to get from Forscan to Ku'Bakai(with a piloting skill of 3). You squad your Delta with you and find out it will take you longer to return back to Forscan, by 11 hours in fact. This is because a Delta-7 only has a hyperspace speed of 5. Since the Delta cannot match the YT-2000s speed of 7, it is brought down to match the Delta's speed at 5.


First, in order to squad yourself with other ships, you must first be in the same square as those ships.
You can find the page to squad with your personal or assigned ships by boarding your ship and entering the cockpit.

Once in the cockpit, select the Squadron tab.

In the squadron tab, you can find all of the ships that you own or are assigned to and able to squad with. Above each picture is the name of the ship, and how many slots it will take up if you squad with it. If you need to find a specific ships squad size, you can find it in the ships section of the rules page.

Currently, the Space Command skill has been told to increase the number of slots you can use to squad with other ships by an unknown amount for each increase in level. However, the Space Command skill has not yet been implemented, so as of currently, it will not increase your ship squad slots. You should always save your skill points.

Adding ships to your squad is as simple as it is with NPC's, simply click on the add to squad button next to the portrait and name of the ship you wish to squad with and you are done. Until you unsquad the ship manually, it will follow you wherever you go.

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