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Lesson #7 Sublight Controls
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18th Jan 2017

You're in what? Here's how to move within a system.

Now that you are familiar with the basic functions for travel it's time to fly from orbit into sublight.

You will fly in sublight whenever moving from one planet to another in the same system or from one area in-system to another in the same system.

As with the other types of piloting you'll need to be in the cockpit and click SHIP CONTROLS.

Next click on the TRAVEL button in the cockpit interface.

You'll see that it shows you a smaller version of the system you are in on the lower half of your screen. All the planets, moons, stations, etc. in that system are shown on the system map. The red shaded areas are the gravity wells. You will need to travel in sublight to move outside of gravity wells before entering hyper travel, which will be covered in the next lesson.

To move withing the system you'll need to put the coordinates in for X and Y for the desired location you are traveling to. This can be done by either putting them in manually or clicking on the map to the right. You will see flashing crosshairs that indicate your location on the system map.

Once you set your coordinates it will show you an ETA to reach your destination. You can also find out the ETA by clicking that button at the bottom of your screen. Click on GO when you are sure that you have your correct destination set.

Be Warned: DO NOT EVER SET YOUR DESTINATION FOR THE SUN! Your ship will be destroyed and you will die. There is no chance of survival and the game will be over for you.

Ships have different sublight speeds called MGLT. The higher MGLT, or sublight speed, your ship is capable of.... the faster you'll arrive at your destination within the system. The ships computer automatically sets your ETA for your ships top speed whether it be traveling in sublight or hyper. There is no reason to change this option.....unless you are specifically told to do so by the one giving you the assignment.

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