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Lesson #3 Movement
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Character Location

To find your character's present location you need to look at the top-left of the screen in the box under the Combine's Date and Time on the left. (Box 1) This will show your location (Galactic Position) whether you are outside of a ship or facility or in one. It will include the Sector, System, Planet, City, and Ground Coordinates (where applicable). The middle box (Box 2) will show how long you are going to be traveling for, whether it be walking or flying, and your destination. The box on the right (Box 3) will show what ship or facility you are in, who owns it, Commander, Pilot and Squadron Size. (Box 4) Under the box that shows your location (Box 5) you will see a picture of where you are, either in orbit, in atmosphere, or in city, or hyper traveling.

You will notice a yellow blinking cross-hair showing. This is where you are now.

It will also show this on the screen when clicking on Travel and the place you are traveling to (meaning: if you are in a city or space and click on the corresponding button, it will show your exact location that you are now. If you point your cursor at that you will see your coordinates as well.)

Before moving onto Movement you need to understand that all travel time (including ETA), whether walking or flying, is in REAL TIME. This means that if the ETA says 1 hour....It takes 1 hour in real life time to reach your destination. If it says you will be in hyperspace for 7 days 11 minutes 20 seconds....that is how long it will really take you to reach your destination. During these travel times it is very much encouraged that you visit the different areas of the game (Guides, Rules, Forums, the Faction Forum and Site, as well as IRC). This will help you learn your way around the game and faction. It will also help you meet other members and become familiar with how everything works. There is a lot you can do and get involved with while waiting. The most important thing to do is HAVE FUN!


When you're spawned (born) in the galaxy (which is what it's called when first starting the game), you will be inside a public building, a spawn point for your character race. The first thing you can do is to move between the building rooms.

Rooms are present inside the following entities: facilities, ships, vehicles, and space stations. The concept of rooms must be taken in a very open minded way, for example the cockpit of an open-air vehicle is considered as a room, even if not fully enclosed.

Rooms are also the smallest container inside which a character may go. When entering a facility, ship, vehicle, or space station, a character will always arrive in a room. Inside rooms, characters may see and meet other characters and NPCs. Items will also be visible in rooms.

The number and locations of rooms inside the same type of entities are usually the same. However, some exceptions are possible.

Here is some rooms types and what can be done in them:

Entrance Room: This is the room where your character arrives when entering, from the outside, inside a facility, ship, vehicle, or space station. This is also the room where your character must be if you want to walk outside. If you are in this room there will be an Exit button on the interface.

Cockpit / Command Room: This is the room where your character can have access to the cockpit (ships and vehicles) or command room (facilities and space stations) interface. The conditions to have access are: being in the cockpit or command room, being the pilot of the entity, and having set the entity to piloted mode.

Docking Bay: When inside a docking bay room of an entity, a character has access to the ships that are inside the entity (refer to the crewlist rules). Similarly, when your character is inside a ship and when that ship is inside the docking bay of, suppose, a facility, if you want to get out of your ship (from your ship entrance room), then your character will arrive in the docking bay room of the facility.

Hangar Bay: When inside a hangar bay room of an entity, a character has access to the vehicles that are inside the entity. Similarly, when your character is inside a vehicle and when that vehicle is inside the hangar bay of, suppose, a facility, if you want to get out of your vehicle (from your ship entrance room), then your character will arrive in the hangar bay room of the facility.

Starting room: The starting room is the room where a new character will appear upon joining the game. Starting rooms are only available in the following entities: Civic Centre, Conference Centre, Command Centre, Government House, and Centrepoint Station.

Normal room: If a room has none of the above functions, then it is considered a normal room.

To move from room to room click on Room Travel on the menu on the right side of the screen under your character's name and under where it says: Control. When your screen refreshes you will see your location on the screen in a room (looks like a box). Use the arrows on the screen to move in the direction you want to go.

Here's the link to the Combine Room Rules:

Piloting/Flying: is the main action in this world. With that being said, you should know how to do this without mistakes. A mistake in space can bring you to death. When you enter a ship and move into the cockpit you will see 5 buttons: Cargo, Actions, Travel, Scanner and Events. These buttons will allow you to access all of the controls available for the vehicle or ship that you are in. Here is a brief description of what each of these do:

Cargo: The cargo button will bring up valuable information regarding what your ship is carrying. You will be told how many ships, vehicles, raw materials and passengers are on your ship or in your vehicle. You will also see information regarding the availability of space to determine if there is room in your ship to carry anything else.

Actions: This is where you will access the weapon systems of your ship. Because combat has not been released yet, there is no need to go any further into this menu option.

Travel: This is the most used button in your cockpit. It is from this menu that you will navigate your ship or vehicle. We will examine this menu in detail a little later.

Scanner: The Scanner button will tell you what is within range of your ship or vehicle. This button is very important when on a planet controlled by a hostile faction.

Events: The Events menu brings up a list of who has entered the ship and what they were doing while on board. It also notifies you if you have been scanned by another vessel.


If your ship/vehicle is inside another the first step you need to do before moving is undocking. In order to undock you must first select the travel menu and then click Undock. The procedure for docking is the same, with the exception of instead of clicking Undock you will click Dock.

If you are in a ship you can undock in space, in atmosphere of a planet, or on the ground. Some vehicles will allow you to undock while in atmosphere, while others will require you to be on the ground: example: you cannot undock a sand crawler while in the atmosphere of a planet.

Now that you have undocked (if your ship was docked inside another) and are ready to continue your travels, there a few things that you must know about space travel.

Here's the link to the Combine Docking Rule:

Sublight Travel

The first is traveling within a system, also known as Sublight. Sublight is the method of travel used to go between planets and or stations, and is generally risk free. That said, there is one danger you must be aware of while traveling through a system, the sun. Should you pilot a ship into the sun, the ship and everything on board (including you) will melt, causing you to die instantly. The good news is, your ship's computer will never plot a course for you that will take you directly into the sun. It will always automatically go around it. So unless you manually enter the coordinates of the sun, you will not have to worry about this.

In order to set your ship in motion, you again have to tell the ship's computer what type of traveling you want to do. So you will again go into your travel menu. Then select sublight. Once you have done that the page will refresh and you will see a map of the system you are in on the right.

By moving your mouse around the map of the system on the right hand side of your display the coordinates and information regarding what is at the pointed to coordinates will display on your screen. In order to plot a course you can either click on the location and the X & Y coordinates will automatically populate (be entered) and your ETA will show on the bottom. The other way to select where you want to travel to while in sublight is to enter the X & Y coordinates manually using the drop down boxes. The way you choose to set the coordinates in the system is strictly a matter of personal preference. Once you have the coordinates set, you will need to click on GO.

Note: It is important to double check your destination coordinates before clicking GO.

The box that says Sublight Speed allows you to choose the speed for which you will travel and will always default to the fastest available for your ship. You can choose to reduce your speed prior to clicking go, however at this point there is little to no reason to do that.

If you enter your coordinates manually and want to know how long it is going to take you to get from where you are at to your destination before you start traveling you will need to click on the ETA button and the ship's computer will calculate your travel time for you.

Once you have arrived in the same location as a planet you are considered to be in orbit of that planet.


The first step in landing your ship is to go from orbit to atmosphere. That is done through the travel menu inside your cockpit. It always takes 1 hour to descend from orbit to the planets atmosphere.

Once you've selected your Travel menu you will be taken to a screen that shows 3 available options: Galaxy Map, Sublight, and Planet. From this screen you want to select Planet, once you have done that the screen will refresh and show a map of the planet's cities (if already built) and the different locations on the planet.

When selecting a location within the atmosphere to travel to, please remember that in order to make your trip as short as possible you will want to go to the coordinates of the city you are intended to go. To select those coordinates, just as in sublight travel, you can click on the location you wish to go to and it will populate (auto enter) the X & Y fields for you. Or again, you can manually enter the coordinates yourself, regardless on which you prefer you will not begin the one hour trip until you click on Reentry.

Once your coordinates are put in you must click on Reentry to begin the descent to atmosphere. After 60 minutes (1 hours) you will arrive in the planet's atmosphere.

After arriving in atmosphere you will need to find a place to land on the planet's surface in the city or location you chose from orbit.

You can do that by entering your Travel menu again, however this time you are going to select Descend. Once you have done that your screen will refresh and show several options: Galaxy Map, Planet, Atmosphere, and Descend. On the right you will see a map of the city (location) and what is there (facilities, roads, etc.).

Now you can do as you did for sublight and atmosphere and point and click at where you would like to land, or manually enter the coordinates of your intended landing zone. One thing to keep in mind is that you cannot land where a building is located. You can however, to that position in the city however you will be unable to exit your ship. After selecting the coordinates of where you would like to land hit the Descend button. Once that is done, sit back and enjoy the view, you will have another 60 minute (1 hour) wait before you arrive on the ground. It always takes 1 Hour to descend to the planet's surface from the atmosphere.


The first step of getting back up to orbit is to Ascend from the city to the atmosphere. From your Travel menu you will select city. Once that is done your screen will refresh and you need to click on Ascend. You will arrive back in the planet's atmosphere in 1 hour. Just as in descending, it always takes 1 hour to reach atmosphere from the planet's surface.

Now that you made it up to Atmosphere it is time to return to Orbit of the planet.

To do that you will again go into your travel menu, and this time you will select planet.

Once you've told your ship's computer that you want to travel at the planet level, all you need to do is click orbit and you are on your way to orbit. You guessed it this will take 1 hour.


In order to go into hyperspace you will need to leave the gravity well. To do this you will need to click on Travel and then Sublight.

Note: You cannot engage hyper while inside a gravity well, so you will first need to travel in sublight until you are outside of the planet's gravity well in order to jump into hyper.

Once you click on Sublight you will see the system map on the right. You will also see areas shaded in RED. Those areas are the Gravity Wells. Click on the closest space to your location that is NOT RED (outside of the gravity well). An ETA will show for how long it will take to get out of the gravity well. Click GO.

Once you are out of the gravity well you can go into hyper. To do that you want to select Hyper from your travel menu.

The next step will be for you to tell your ship's computer where you want it to take you and that can be done in a couple of different ways.

The first way is to manually enter the coordinates of the system that you want to go to in. Note: If you choose to do this manually, be sure to double check your coordinates, there is a big difference in entering 174,-144 instead of -174, 144.

The other way for you to tell the computer where you want to go is by using the drop down menus. You will first have to select the sector your destination is in from the drop down box. Once you've selected the sector you will need to select the system from the drop down box. If you use the drop downs your ETA will automatically display for you, otherwise if you want to know how long your going to be in hyper before you actually begin traveling you can click the ETA button. Once you have programmed your destination and are ready to travel you can click Go and you are now underway.

There is one danger that you must be aware of while traveling through hyper, Aborting. Under no circumstances should you abort hyper, as this could prove to be deadly. If you abort hyper there is a chance that you will come out of hyper in the gravity well of a planet, or sun which will cause your ship to be destroyed and you to die in the process.

Here's the link to the Combine Movement Rule:

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