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Lesson #20 Cross Terrain
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18th Jan 2017

After you get use to the real time of the Combine you will soon realize their are many shortcuts designed into the game that can save you time and get your mission completed quicker, just like Lesson 15 on Advanced Hyper.

Cross terrain gives you the ability to travel on the ground from one city to any city surrounding it. Sometimes it is MUCH quicker then going all the way to orbit and descending to the new city and sometimes it isn't. You will need to look at your ship or vehicles speed to determine that. For the purpose of this lesson I will be cross terraining in a Bulk Freighter since on most occasions you will find yourself working from a Bulk.

First you need to make sure that you are on the surface of the planet and on any edge of the city or terrain you are on. Then lets enter our cockpit by clicking Ship Controls.

Next click on the Travel button on your cockpit interface.

In the next widow the Cross terrain button should show up to the left if you are on the edge of the city, if it doesn't you still need to move to the edge of the city. Click on the Cross terrain button.

On the next screen lets start with BOX 1, if you look the green squares are the cities that you are able to cross terrain to from your city. To select a city you can click on it and the coordinates will propagate into BOX 2, or you can just select the coordinates inside BOX 2. Below that will show the ETA of the time needed for you to cross terrain in your ship or vehicle. As you can see it only takes 1 hour and 5 minutes in a Bulk Freighter, which is much quicker then the 4 hours needed to ascend and descend to the city next to your current one. Once you have double checked your coordinates and are ready to go click Go in BOX 3 and you are off.

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