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Lesson #2 Communication
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18th Jan 2017

There are several ways to communicate:

Darkness Message (DM)
Forums & Private Forum Messages (PM)


The first, email, you already know about. What you may not know is that you can set your Combine account to send a copy of all DM’s that you send and receive to your registered email account. This is helpful and encouraged so you don’t lose any important mails in the event of accidental deletion or game problems. To set up your Combine account to send DMs to your email address, follow the directions outlined below.

In order to set your account up to email your DMs to you, you must first get to your account settings. To be taken to your account setting click on the “Settings” link. (Located at the upper right corner of any page in the Combine.)

Once you have arrived at the "Settings" page, scroll down a little and to the left, you will see the “Contact Information” Section. First – confirm that the email address listed in the section highlighted in (Box 1) is the address you want your DM’s sent to. If it is not, enter the new email address and click “Change”.

Once that’s done scroll back down to that section and you will see “Messages are currently sent to” and a drop down box (Shown in Box 2). If you want to receive your DM’s to your email select “Both” if not then select “Darkness”. DO NOT select “mail”. By selecting mail you will not be able to reply to DM’s – you’ll have to send a brand new one in order to reply. Once you make your selection and the drop down goes away click “change”. You’ve now set your DM preferences.

Darkness Messages (DM):

Darkness Messaging, or DM, is the on-game mail service used to communicate with other players in the faction and outside of it. You can access this by clicking on the envelope icon on the menu at the top of your screen.

The icon will flash whenever you have new mail by default. Once you click on the mail icon you will see 3 options on the left side menu: *Read Messages *Send Messages *Sent Messages. At the bottom of each message there will be an option to "Reply" or "Delete". When you click reply or send your screen will refresh to show: a box for the recipient(s) which you can add more than one by separating the names with a semicolon. Example: "John;Greg;Rob" Under that you will see the box to type your message. Once you are finished writing your message click "Send".


Forums and Private Messaging (PM) are used as a general communication tool within factions. This is where you will receive assignments and report your progress. It is also one place to communicate with all the other members of the faction and have FUN. Some areas are open to all members and some you will not have access to. When posting to the forums make sure you are posting in the correct thread for what you are posting about. Meaning: Don't post your assignment updates and information in the "Members" area. Post it in the designated thread you were instructed to. If you are unsure where to post something ask your Department Leader for help.

As a general rule – Forum Activity is what defines your activity. Specifically your mission threads. If you are not actively updating your mission threads the powers that be will not know that you are active. This is not a good thing when it’s time to review you for pay, promotion or bonuses. So please remember FORUM ACTIVITY DEFINES YOUR ACTIVITY.

We have forums (and more will be added) for departments, special projects, missions, fun, and pay. The more active you are the more important the forums will become to you. A couple things to know about the forums:

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