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Lesson #18 Power Generators
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18th Jan 2017

Power Generators are in integral part of any city design as well as controlling a planet. Being in control of power generators in cities give you the power to control who owns a planet, no pun intended.

Sometimes you will be sent to either turn the power on for a facility and even sometimes to shut down the power to a facility. This lesson will show you the steps to do this.

First step is to enter the Power Generator which is done just like entering any other facility.

Once inside make your way to the control room like you would any other facility and then click on BUILDING MANAGEMENT that appears below position on the right hand side of the screen.

On the next screen in the "COCKPIT" window select ACTIONS

The bottom of the "COCKPIT" window will refresh and a button will appear on the left that says POWER, click it.

This will now bring up the Power Management screen, it will list all the facilities in the city that are powered and unpowered by this particular generator. On the right side is the buttons to either RESTORE POWER or CUT POWER and to the left of those buttons are the amount of power each facility requires to be powered. Depending on your mission you may have to cut or restore power but MAKE SURE YOU ONLY RESTORE OR CUT POWER TO THOSE FACILITIES YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD TO!!!

NOTE: At the top of the power management part will show the remaining power the power generator can provide, most cities have multiple power generators so just because the Power Generator you are in isn't power a certain building doesn't mean it is unpowered. That's why it is important to ONLY restore or cut power to the SPECIFIC FACILITY detailed in your mission. If you are unsure ALWAYS double check with your CO.

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