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Lesson #15 Advanced Hyperspace
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18th Jan 2017

Often times we spend days, weeks traveling in Hyper. Getting from point A to point B, while fast in the overall scheme of things, is very very boring. The last thing we want to do after coming out of Hyper is spend several more hours in sublight, if it can be avoided.

Going straight from point A to point B, your entry point into point B is determined by the direction of travel from point A. If you enter the system at the opposite end of your final destination, you are required to spend several more hours in sublight to reach your final goal.

By making an additional Hyper jump, you can cut this time dramatically. Remember, Hyper is a lot faster than sublight.

Prior to starting you journey it's necessary to do your homework. Besides pulling up Nav Comp to determine ETA and course, pull up the Galaxy Map too. Look on the Galaxy Map to determine which square your final destination lies in within the system (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, or H) as listed on the drawing below.


Instead of jumping directly to point B, make a little side trip. Adjust your Hyper coordinates based on the equation of the square you want to arrive in. This will land you just outside the system, in position to make another very short Hyper jump (usually a matter of minutes) into your target system. This short Hyper jump can save you hours upon hours of unnecessary Sublight travel.

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