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Lesson #14 Construction
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18th Jan 2017

No matter what department you find yourself in Apex, it is guaranteed that you will be building at some point in time. There are two types of construction, Facility Construction and Space Construction. This guide will give you an understanding of how they both work. We will go over facility construction first.

Facility Construction

Before we can begin to build our facilities, we must first understand what City Slabbing is. Please refer to this guide for an overview of City Slabbing: Lesson 12: Slabbing

With lesson 12 read and an understanding of slabbing, we can now start the construction of our future city. There are a few very important rules you must know first:

You must have the required RM for the facility that you are going to build on your ship, or another ship in the same city. If it is on a ship that you are not the pilot of, you must be on the crew list of that ship. If the raw materials to be used are on a ship that is in a squad, you must unsquad it first, or move the materials to your piloted ship. This is a current bug that will be fixed later.
You Must have at least 1 builder NPC with you.
There has to be roads on 2 full sides of what you are going to build.

You should familiarize yourself with the City Designer Tool. It is a very useful thing to have, as it tells you everything you need to know, from how much power your city will need to what materials you need to build it.

When you first look at a city design given to you the first thing that will likely come to mind will be, "Where should I start?" When building facilities, always, ALWAYS, build power generators first. This is so when the construction is finished, any facility that is completed after the generators will automatically be assigned power. If a facility in a city is completed before the generator, then someone must manually go down to the facility and assign them power. It isn't the end of the world if the generator isn't first, but it saves people an un-needed hassle. That being said, we must first place ourselves in the correct build square. You must be placed in the upper left corner of where you want to build your facility, and you will be able to select which city block you want your facility to be built.

So for instance, if I was standing at 2,2 city position, I will be able to select 3,1 - 3,2 - 3,3 - 1,3 - 2,3 or 3,3 as my beginning build positions.

To find the Facility Construction page, it is on the right hand side of the screen, under the Production Tab. You may need to scroll down to find it.

We want to build generators first. We can build one facility at a time, but by looking through our city design we can build multiple facilities in one spot by placing ourselves on positions where we can start multiple facilities. Two buildings can be started by two separate NPCs, so long as the construction of one does not interfere with the other. Below is the first page you see when starting construction of a facility.

As you can see, I have positioned myself on square 5,17, so I am able to build on 6,17 and 6,18 for the power generator and shield generator I need to build. Now, we need to check over the 5 boxes that require information before we can continue on with the rest of the construction. Facility name, the Facility type, it's location, Orientation (horizontal or vertical), and the owner. Always do a double check on everything before you continue, we don't want the wrong facility to be built, or built in the wrong direction. Once everything is correct, we can continue on to the next page of construction.

On this page, it will show you the final instructions on the construction of your structure. It shows you what materials you need to build said structure, how much you have with you, and how much you still need if you do not meet the requirements. This page also lists which builders you can use to begin its construction, as well as which direction the roads are to be automatically placed once construction starts. Unless said otherwise, you will only use one builder NPC per facility you build for APEX. The max amount of builders you can assign to one facility is 10. Since the power generator will have a shield generator placed directly below it, I don't need a road to the south of the power generator. So, we can deselect South from the road options, and since the East and West are free, I deselect the North side as well since we only need two. Underneath the roads option are the available images we can use if we want to change the default one. Once everything is corrected and you have double checked the placement of the structure, you can click the Begin Construction button which is right above the select builders options. If everything is as it should be, you will have a green confirmation box on the next page saying the start of construction was successful. If it was not, there will be a red box giving an explanation of why construction could not be started.

If you happen to forget to deselect roads to be built on the construction screen, you don't need to worry. Where you clicked the tab to begin facility construction(the Production section), you have another tab for Roads. In that screen, you can select which roads and where they are to be built or destroyed anywhere in the current city you are in. You do not need to be next to the road you wish to build or destroy.

Space Construction

On a rare occasion you may be asked to build a space station for APEX, or you may decide to build one for personal reasons. For the most part, both Facility and Space Construction work the same way.

Space Construction works similarly to how normal facility construction works. You must...

Have the required amount of raw materials to build said facility on either a ship(s) you are the pilot(s) of, or have the materials held in a station on an adjacent square next to the square you wish to build your said station.

You must have at least one builder to start construction.

There must be no other stations of any kind on the square you wish to build on. There is a limit to one station per sector square.

To begin our station construction, obviously we need to be in space. Once we are at the sector position we wish to build our station at, we can click the Station Construction option under the Production tab(the same spot you would click to start Facility Construction).

On the next screen we have a similar setup to how the facility construction screen is, where we have can name our station, the type of station we wish to construct, a confirmation of where our station will be built, and who the owner of the station will be. For this demonstration, I will be building a Golan II. Different types of facilities are only allowed to be built in certain factions. For instance, Ship Yards can only be built in ship producing factions, X7 Factory stations can only be built by both ship and item producing factions, etc. You can find the full list of stations in the Space Stations Rule page. Once we have double checked what we have put in, we can continue on to the next page.

The next page is the finalize construction page. Like facility construction, it tells us what we are intending to build, what materials we have and what we still need, as well as the builders we can select to start its construction. With station construction, it takes much longer to build than ground facilities, so to keep the cost to time ratio as small as possible, you will want to put the maximum 25 builders to start the stations construction. You can select multiple builders by holding your Ctrl key and selecting the NPC's. Once everything has been checked over we can click build. You will have a confirmation screen show up if construction was successful and started or not.

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