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Lesson #12 Slabbing
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18th Jan 2017

On to building!

I'm going to break up the build lesson into two different parts. The first is creating cities.

City Creation

In order to create a city, or as we call it MUST be at the city location and on the ground.

You will need to either have privs in order to create cities and build or have a city creation and build request submitted and accepted. If you do not have them you'll need to ask the person assigning you the task.

When you reach the ground at the location you need to create a city for building, look on the right menu and follow it down to "Production" and click on "City Creation".

Your screen will refresh showing you the creation page as shown in the example below:

Fill out the information for the city name....if you are unsure what to name it ask.

Next you'll see a place for the city coordinates. If those are not already showing make sure to put them in.

Select the owner....Make sure to click the faction as owner if building for a faction.

Unless otherwise instructed LEAVE the city set at VISIBLE. It costs more to create a "hidden city".

Click "Start Process" and your screen will refresh again showing you an overview of the information you've entered along with the cost for the creation. Double check everything to ensure it's correct. Here's a list of the city type creation costs to look at:

Terrain   Normal Price   Hidden Price
Desert    1.5 Million            3 Million
Grass    1.5 Million            3 Million
Rock      1.5 Million            3 Million
Forest    1.5 Million            3 Million
Jungle    1.8 Million            3.6 Million
Swamp    1.8 Million            3.6 Million
Mountain    1.8 Million            3.6 Million
Crater    1.8 Million            3.6 Million
Glacier    1.8 Million            3.6 Million
Water    2.1 Million            4.2 Million
Gas      2.5 Million            5 Million
Cave         3.6 Million

Once you are sure everything is correct click "BUILD CITY". You will get a message saying that the city was successfully created....or one saying the opposite if something is wrong.

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