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Lesson #11 Raw Materials
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18th Jan 2017

Raw Materials (RM) is the life blood of the combine. RM is used to build facilities, which provide income. It is used to build space stations, which are used as storage facilities, production centers, or for security. RM is used for production, which yields items, droids, vehicles, and ships. Without RM there would not be any work to do or toys to play with.

The term RM is a general term used for 21 different minerals used throughout the game. Each of these materials has a specific purpose, has a different weight, rarity rate and cost. The chart below lists the 21 different materials and the information about each.

We use RM primarily for 3 purposes: Construction of facilities, Construction of Stations and Production; and the most common types are:













For most RM there is a two step process of obtaining it, Prospecting and Mining. We’re not going to get into the specifics of these processes during this lesson. If you decide to join the Ministry of Economic Development there will be further training available for you in these processes. However, prospecting is the process by which RM is located using specialized vehicles that are equipped with sensors for locating RM deep within the ground. Those vehicles are the SX-65 Groundhog and the FK-7 Airspeeder.

The second most common step in acquiring RM is Mining, the process of extracting the materials from the ground in order to use. This process requires a Mine. However, we use two other materials that are not gotten through the same process, Alazhi and Bacta. Alazhi is a bacteria and after it has been located through prospecting is not mined, but rather farmed then refined into Bacta, using a Bacta Refinement Facility.

Regardless on if you choose a civil career or military career, the odds of you working with RM at some point are 100%. Which means you will need to learn how to transport RM from storage to either the construction site, factory, lab (used to produce medical items) or station. As I’m sure you have noticed, when you look at the rules pages for different facilities, ships, items, etc. you will notice a list of RM needed to produce or construct each item. For example let’s take a look at the beloved X-Wing. As you can see by the information in the red box on the image below, each X-Wing requires varying quantities of 9 different types of RM.

So, if you were instructed to start production of a squadron of X-Wings (12 of them) you would need to take the list of RM listed below and multiply each one by 12. After doing that you would see that you would need to pick up:

Quantum - 240
Meleenium - 2520
Ardanium - 216
Rudic - 276
Rockivory - 192
Tibannagas - 624
Varmigio - 804
Lommite - 96
Durelium - 264

Because of all of the math involved which can be time consuming many people that work with production on a regular basis have used Microsoft Excel (or similar program) to create calculators, so that all they need to do is enter the total quantity of what they are building and they are given a correct RM list.

For construction crews the job of calculating how much RM is needed to build the facilities they’ve been tasked to build is a much easier process, enter the City Designer. This is a fun tool to play around with, and I would encourage you to do so. However, this is also a very valuable tool. When asked to build something in a city you will be given either a link to the city designer which includes a design, or you will be given a screen shot from the city designer with what you should build. Without getting too much into the city designer at this lesson I would like to point out that it calculates for you how much of each specific RM type you are going to need in order to build all of the facilities placed on the city map (see the box in red below).

Now that you know how to find the correct amounts of RM needed for the task you’ve been asked to do, let’s find out if it will all fit inside your ship OR if you will need to make more than one trip to complete your mission.

Each ship within has a Weight and Volume Cap, or a limit on the amount of space available or weight that it can carry. You can find the capacities for each ship on the detailed ship page in the rules. We’re going to look at the 2 most common freighters used within the Federation , as well as the freighter that you will use for your training.

BFF-1 Bulk Freighter, commonly referred to as a “Bulk”. As you can see by the Cargo Stats, an empty bulk freighter can hold 100k tons and has 135k cubic meters of space available. You will notice that I said an EMPTY bulk. If there are items, vehicles or RM on board already they have taken up some of the available space and weight.

Gallofree GR-75 Medium Transport, commonly referred to as a “Gallo”. As you can see by the Cargo Stats, this ship has a lower Weight and Volume Cap. Meaning that depending on what your task is, it may take you more trips in a Gallo than it would in a Bulk.

It is now time to find out if you have the space available in your ship to move that RM you needed to start a squad of X-Wings. As we previously discussed we know that we need the following RM:

Quantum - 240
Meleenium - 2520
Ardanium - 216
Rudic - 276
Rockivory - 192
Tibannagas - 624
Varmigio - 804
Lommite - 96
Durelium - 264

When moving RM 99.999% of the time you will only need to focus on the Weight capacity of the ship. Reason being, other than Tibbanagas you will reach the ship’s weight cap LONG before reaching its volume cap. The chart below is the same one shown on page 1 and the third column shows the weight per unit. Using that chart you know that the weight of the RM needed for the X Wing weighs:

Quantum - 12
Meleenium - 11
Ardanium - 8
Rudic - 1
Rockivory - 12
Tibannagas - 0.16
Varmigio - 9
Lommite - 6
Durelium - 8

Now you will have to multiply the total units of each material needed by how much each one weighs.

Quantum - 2880
Meleenium - 27720
Ardanium - 1728
Rudic - 276
Rockivory - 2304
Tibannagas - 100
Varmigio - 7236
Lommite - 576
Durelium - 2112

Then add up each individual weight to give you a total weight. 44,932 – so you would be able to use either of the 3 ships we looked at and make one trip to start production of the squad of X-Wings.

Something that is important to note when calculating how much RM your ship can hold is this: If you try to determine how much Meleenium a Bulk can hold and you take the ship’s 100k weight capacity and divide it by weight of the Meleenium (100,000/11) you will get 9,090.857. You CANNOT load a partial unit of RM, in this case 0.857, So the most Meleenium a Bulk can hold is 9,090 units.

So now that you know it will only take one trip, how do you move it?

After clicking on “MATERIALS” the screen below will come up. First thing (1) you should always do is make sure that you select the appropriate ship, station or facility to load the RM into. Next go to the Load Button for the Raw Material you want to load (2). For the purposes of this lesson I will grab 469 units of Quantum from the station (3) and then Load it onto my Bulk (4).

The screen will refresh and you have loaded Raw Material!

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