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Lesson #1 Life in the Combine
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18th Jan 2017

I want to start off by talking about the Combine and specifically some things that you will need to get used to and be aware of.

The Combine is a place like no other I've seen. At first I'm sure as you glance around the rules pages it will seem like a very complicated place. There is a lot of depth, but I assure you in time you will be navigating your way through the many pages and rules like an old pro. While this is a game based on Star Wars you don't have to be a Star Wars buff to enjoy your time here, all you really need is an enjoyment for MMORPGs.

The one thing that most people have a hard time getting used to is Combine time. As you travel around the galaxy it will take time. If you are given an ETA of 2 days 14 hours 23 minutes, then it will literally take you that long to get where you are going. But not to worry you will learn other things to do while your character is in a ship for 2.5 days.

While we do everything in our power to get you moving from your starting point as quickly as possible, there are times when Combine time does make that difficult. So I encourage you to get on IRC (more on that in upcoming lessons) and talk with others in Apex. Spend time going through the lessons of the academy and the Combine rules pages. As doing these things now will help get you into a ship and doing missions much quicker than waiting until you're picked up.

In order to get an idea of how long it takes to travel from one system to another check out the Nav Comp

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Forum » Gerneral Forums » Apex University Locked
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