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First Week Guide for Newbies
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16th Mar 2017

The  Star Wars Combine  is a free massively multiplayer online role-playing simulation browser game based on the Star Wars Universe, developed by amateurs in their spare time. 

First Week Guide for Newbies
From  official site

1. Joining a Faction  

Joining a faction is the most important thing you can do, and the first thing you should do upon creating your character. 

The Combine is designed around the concept of factions, so freelancers will have very few options available to them, and freelancing when brand new is nearly impossible. A faction will typically provide you with a regular salary, a ship to use, things to do, and a social network. This will give you easy access to other players with similar interests who may be able to introduce you to Combine features you don't know about or understand yet. The listing of all Combine factions is located  here , and can also be accessed by clicking the "Factions" link on the right menu. 

Factions may have anywhere from 10 people to hundreds, and the government factions tend to be the largest, so decide what sort of environment you want to be a part of and what you want your character to do when deciding on a faction. A small faction may allow you to advance more quickly and may be more informal, but may also be less active. It may be more difficult to interact personally with members of a larger faction, but they may have a better training program for new members to learn about the Combine. This will depend on the faction, and if you don't like your first choice or don't hear back from them in a timely manner, you can leave and join a new faction at any time. You can only be in one faction at a time. 

When you have decided on a faction and are ready to join, go to the Members Menu section of the right hand menu (you can switch between menus by clicking one of the four icons at the top of the menu; the second is your Members Menu), then scroll down to the  Faction  link. Following this link will take you to a new page where you will see the option to Join Faction, which will walk you through the joining process. When you are accepted into a faction, you will have new options on this page, depending on the privileges you are eventually granted by your faction. This is also where to go when you want to leave your faction or join a different one. 

QuoteHelpful Hint: Although not required, it can be a good idea not to choose a starting location until after joining a faction. Each faction has planets chosen specifically by them as starting locations. It can be helpful to your new group if you start on a planet where they can immediately assign you a ship.
2. A Guide to Movement  

Movement is among the most important things to learn in the Combine. It gets you from your starting location to a ship, from a ship on the ground to space, and from any given point in space to any other. 

Ground Movement   To move from place-to-place on the ground, you need to do the following:
  1. Find the Position link, (under ::Control:: on the sidebar)
  2. In the middle of the webpage, you should see a Travel button. Press it.
  3. On the bottom half of the screen, some other buttons should appear. Click on Terrain.
  4. Choose the coordinates and speed you desire, then press the Go button.

Space Movement   To move from place-to-place in space, you need to do the following:
  1. Find the cockpit link, (under ::Control:: on the sidebar)
  2. In the middle of the webpage, you should see a Travel button. Press it.
  3. On the bottom half of the screen, some other buttons should appear. Click on either sublight or hyperspace.
  4. Choose the coordinates and speed you desire, then press the Go button.

More instructions for movement (and almost anything else you'd need to do) are available at: Darkness for Dummies - check the Reference Sheet 

3. Flying Around the Galaxy  

If you're part of a faction, you should have access to a ship. With that ship, you can travel anywhere in the galaxy. As you travel, you gain experience (XP), which will level your character. At each level you receive one skill point to allocate on your  Character sheet  to improve your character's skills. Space travel is the easiest and one of the most efficient ways to accrue XP. 

...(Point 4 to 6,  Helping the Combine in an OOC (Out of Character) Manner , is omitted. )

7. Tracking your Inventory  

The Inventory section of your right side Members Menu contains information about everything your character owns. This is where information about any ships, vehicles, facilities, cities, stocks, droids, items, and everything else is stored. This is where you go if you need to see where your assets are, assign them to yourself or anyone else (for usage), transfer them (sell, give, trade), and in general control just about every aspect of your inventory. The basics of the interface are fairly self-explanatory, and as a new player you won't need to be familiar with the more advanced features such as filters and output options. To manage a specific asset, click the checkbox beside the asset in question, then scroll to the bottom of the page and use the drop-down box to select what you want to do with the asset. Assets can also be quickly renamed by clicking the name of the asset and entering the new name directly when prompted.

The Interface

The Interface is basically everything you interact with to make things happen within  SWC
. There are a couple of main areas of the interface that you should understand.
Top Bar

This top-most series of links provides shortcuts to some of the main areas of the site.
  • News - this link takes you to news from the developers and administration
  • Members - this takes you to the start page
  • Rules - this takes you to the rules pages where you can get in-depth information on various aspects of SWC
  • Forum - this gives you access to the SWC forums
  • The Guide - takes you here
  • Community - opens a page where the sidebar provides links to various  OOC community areas
  • Contact Us - Gives a list of the various people that are involved in  SWC, and what aspects they look after
  • Live Chat - provides access to the  IRC server where you can talk with other players

Icon Bar

his bar that stretches across the entire page holds some crucial information.
  • Time - this is the current  SWC time, which is based upon US Pacific Standard Time (GMT-7hr)
  • Member count - this is the total number of members that have been active in the last week
  • Online - this is the current number of players that are online at the moment
  • Icons - these are icons that link to various sections of the website
  • Logged in - this tells you who you are logged in as, as well as the logout button

Nothing New New events/messages/news Icon type
Sim News
Galactic News Service
Personal Event
Faction Event
Inventory Event
Combat Event
Room Event

This allows you to access the majority of pages that have a direct influence on your character.


  • Avatar - this is the image that portrays your character

  • Name (Ellias Aubec) - this is the name of your character
  • Faction (ReRunRecycling) - this is the name of the faction you are currently in (Freelancer if you have no faction)
  • HP - your current/maximum hit points
  • XP - your current XP number and progress to next level
  • Level - your current level
  • CP - your current number of CPs (will be green with a + at the end if you have voting sites left to vote on)


  • Gives your current location (if inside an entity will give the name and type, if outside in a city or on Terrain will give your co-ordinates)


  • Position - access the Position page, allowing you to move your character around either in a city/Terrain or inside an entity
  • Equipment - access the Equipment page, allowing you to equip items at your location to you, and see items on the floor
  • Party - access the Party page, allowing you to add NPCs/Droids/PCs to your party or remove them
  • Enter Cockpit - access the Cockpit page, allowing you to access the movement and other abilities of the ship/vehicle/spacestation you are in
  • Building Management - access the Management page, allowing you to access the abilities of the facility


  • Account Settings - change various things about your account and OOC information
  • Character - view your skills, change your biography and history, edit your signature and others
  • Faction - allows you to view various abilities you may have to manage your faction




  • Send Message - opens a page where you can send a message to someone
  • Classifieds - an area where people can post sales
  • Search Profiles - allows you to search the profiles of other players

  • Search - search function to search the SWC website
  • Report Bug - link to the bug report page where you can inform the administration of bugs you have encountered
  • Contact Support - allows you to send a ticket to the administration if you have a problem with your account or another player

Video Tutorial
Here is a YouTube video tutorial, explaining these various features:

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