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7th Mar 2017

From Iego, the TT-8Ls from CPM along with a Zeta-class shuttle and an Eta-5 fighter. Both ships are in orbit of Millius Prime.

The droids are located here and there are 20 of them that can be loaded on the YV:
Sector: Ash Worlds
System: Iego (412, 227)
Planet: Millius Prime (15, 13)
Surface: (1, 1)
Ground: (9, 9)

Sector: Ash Worlds
System: Iego (412, 227)
Planet Orbit: Millius Prime (15, 13)

From Asrat, a Brayl with 24 vehicles docked inside for prospecting.
Sector: Nouane
System: Asrat (110, 153)
System Position: (19, 10)

Also a YV-666 in the Krmar system, which should be empty to the best of my knowledge
Sector: Tolonda
System: Krmar (280, -335)
System Position: (9, 3)

They're all to be delivered to Argai, preferably in orbit of the planet, but it can be left in one of the entering points if your pilot prefers.
Sector: Cronese Mandate
System: Argai (363, 266)
Planet Orbit: Argai (6, 8)

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Forum » Jobs » Nathaniel Cholds
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