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Welcome To Apex Productions  
                           Thank You for joining us at Apex Productions ! 

First Let Me Start By Telling you about us.
    Well let me start by saying Thank You for joining us at Apex Productions. We are family, friendly ran company. We treat all of our employees as family. We believe in honesty and loyalty. We are here to help you with any problems you might have. Apex Productions is a neutral company. We believe in equality for everyone. We treat all our customers with respect and honesty. We do our best to make sure all our customers are satisfied.

     We need to fill out a sheet in forums on what job you are on and how long it will take. If you have any problems with this please contact Cynthea Jacobson, Zachariah Jacobson , or Kam Spider. We will help you through the process. Thank You for your cooperation.

     Welcome have a look around. We have many things on our site such as our latest News, pictures, and services we offer. Please take a look in our services area. It can show you the different things we offer. Such as building weapons , armor, vehicles, cities, space stations , ect. Apex Productions also delivers what ever you made need. So before you leave please stop in and see. Thank You for your time.

 Apex Productions Leader: Cynthea Jacobson  a.k.a. Cyn
 Second of Command : Kam Spider

  You can also visit us at Star Wars Combine Faction page and in IRC: #Apex

                                          Thank You for stopping by and hope you have an enjoyable time.
                                                                                Sincerely,    Faction Leader  

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Kam Spider
News & Announcements
Important topics will be posted here
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General Discussion
Talk about anything here!
Subforums: Introductions
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Kam Spider
Apex University
Learn the way of the Combine
Subforums: NPC Scripts
16th Mar 2017 by Kam Spider in First Week Guid...
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Kam Spider
Art Room
For Artist
24th Feb 2017 by Kam Spider in Apex Ad
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Kam Spider
Leave of Absence
request for time off.
10th Feb 2017 by Kam Spider in Vacation
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31st Jan 2017 by Cyn in Point System fo...
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Nathaniel Cholds
Job Board
Access to Jobs
20th Apr 2017 by Nathaniel Cholds in [Job #022] Retr...
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Job List
Full list of jobs and who is assigned in one place
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